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Hey guys! So a little about myself... huh... I'll start with my experience.


So, I was born in Utah (where I currently live), my mom raised me with the help of my grandparents. I have been homeschooled most of my life, because I find the school system boring, and I learn faster than the grade's learning curve. I was about 9 when I wrote my first 2-page essay, and I knwe how to type by the time I was 7. I learned how to play games on an I-pod (mostly side-scrool and flight simulators) when I was 3.


I just recently got into competetive gaming with the release of Fortnite. I had played Destiny to the years leading up, and playing it greatly helped me feel at home  in onling PFSs.


I loved to read, and had read the entire 'Harry Potter' series in 4 months when I was 10. I would spend all day and all night reading, to the point where I could instantly sight read, and I could finish a page in less than 20 seconds. The fastest I read, was when I read the 2nd Harry Potter book in one sitting.


Other than reading and gaming, my hobbies are competetive fencing, singing, and running.


I have been working extremely hard for about 3 months, and have earned enough money to buy an Alienware PC.

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Looking for a clan to do montages with NA (Midwest)

Titan / Hunter. I am verry skilled with a sniper.

I have been playing since tTK. I have over 1000 hours between D1 and D2. I have reset my gambit rank multiple times throught the seasons. I play reaper, and got 3 overkill-monger medals in 1 game.


Started a 1v1 tournament server. Feature Image

Started a 1v1 tournament server.

Hey everybody!  So, I recently started a 1v1 tournament server on Discord if anybody would like to join! We host the tourneys on PSN, XBL, and hopefully soon PC.

So far we have around 30 members, but ar looking to add more!  As soon as we hit 50 members, we are doing a 50 dollar XB/PS giftcard giveaway!

As soon as we hit 80 members on each platform, we are doing a Cash Cup for anyone interested!

Here is a link to the Discord!: https://discord.gg/GdR98c8

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